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Tattoos On Female Pubic Area

From sculpting and cones

before the values \u200b\u200basks readers angry, who the boy with the high end, we must mention that the very hairy Oscar, who celebrated Christmas with us, but now was ready to cut their hair to . let

Mama and Ella were outside the home when it happened. Papa tried his son to look into the eyes managed this but because of the blond curtain does not go slack of about 80% of Oscar's face.

Knowing a) the lack of hairdressing skills of the Father and to b) the panic of the son before snapping hairdressing scissors set the blond tuft daddy the question "Shall I cut your hair?", whereupon someone behind the hair, "yes," said.

dad pulled out the scissors, grabbed the pony and schnibbelte. "Wow," he thought after the first cut, "but that was set on high." The asymmetrically coiffed son beamed. Apparently, the mood was enough for a few corrective cuts.
Oscar let everything about himself after his father tried to match here and there that he first section as clearly too much, could well see Oscar again. His mother said, hung-over day got some of "rock and roll hair" recordings which father and son as a compliment. Oscar still has his mat back and forth a clear view. Perhaps Rock'n'Roller saw some time as if Oscar Mama, which is tomorrow already 34 years old, young.

Whether long haired or doctored, Oscar still loves elephants. This affection is now somewhat strange, for a nearly 2-year rather creative trains to: Oscar elephants sculpts of bread.
He grabs to his evening meal or breakfast (which also means "aaaambrooo") and bites so long to an elephant, only he can see around, until he believes now, would also have less artistically talented family members at the table recognize this. Oscar then holds up the slice of bread and shouts loudly "Töröö". Mother, father and big sister squint and then actually see instead of a secular bite in the bread an elephant head with trunk. The artist has even a moment, before the elephant's head in the child's mouth will disappear for good.

Where are we on the subject "Aaaambroooo", we still urgently need the international public to know a recipe that here enriched meals a day for weeks: Toast Tricolor. It will rub bread
this just the strict instructions of our son accordingly, namely with a thick strip Tartex, followed by a strip and a strip Teewurst liverwurst. This brown-pink-purple-colored dinner accompanied us now have the entire winter and the name Toast Tricolor "has set in our vocabulary, so that Ella morning with a matter of course the" Toast Tricolor ordered that their soon to be in unfamiliar surroundings perhaps could be difficult.

this strange environment was investigated in order Jahreswechelfeierlichkeiten this week. The family traveled to Dresden, home of small and even smaller Carla Curt. For breakfast ("Aaaambrooo") was missing, as one knows from the East so some of what the capital city for his "Toast Tricolor" as needed, namely Teewurst and Tartex. But no problem: Who is building elephants from bread, which can improvise. And grabbed Oscar the liver sausage, at the opening, he sucked the rest as on a water ice, as he was left with this alone, and invented a finger Germans a new recipe that so far has not played so well into our hearts added: He demanded half his bread with liver sausage and half coated with chocolate. Papa choking followed the command.
It will probably not be long before Oscar discovered at home the opportunity to compose the "Toast 4 seasons. That would be "toast Tricolor added to Nutella.

The year was still in Dresden, a complete success. In addition to the host children Carla and Curt came from Magdeburg, Ela Maya, with Ella now been celebrated for the third time New Year's Eve, and the gentlemen Til and Severin.
Severin, significantly younger than Oscar, has the vocabulary of a 5 year old can not climb it, as the parents reported to comfort us. Oscar climbs the other hand, like a 5 year old, but - reached the top - just say "Aaambrooo" ...

ability to speak or not, Oscar Severin and often had trouble with each other properly. The reason was Carla's toys, from which both men always thought it would be hers. While the
Guys fought so Ella was then late at night your destiny.

Ella tapped beers.

Since this brew is drunk from small test tubes, there was almost always someone in the round, the tube was just empty. That someone could sit safely, because Ella knew at some point, as so does a tap and she tapped in the night like beer, while Oscar and Severin thrashing out who owns the Bobbycar and with the other girls here and there flew the sparks.


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